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Acoustic Guitar Strings

Our long-lasting, professional quality acoustic guitar strings offer players an easy, great feel. Popular light gauge (.012-.053) strings have a little extra punch, with phosphor bronze winds and steel hexagonal cores for brilliant tone.

Recommended For Ages 14+

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Guitar strings should be replaced every several weeks or so as regular maintenance to maintain a bright, full sound from your guitar. It's a good idea for a guitarist to always have at least one spare set on hand at all times. Check out our quick start guides for both acoustic and electric guitars for instructions on how to restring your guitar, as well as our interactive online guitar tuner for help with tuning it up!
How to Tune a guitar?
Click here to visit our online guitar tuner.
Click here to learn how to tune your Discovery guitar.
How do I restring my guitar?
Instructions on how to restring your guitar can be found in our Electric Guitar Quick Start Guide and our Acoustic Guitar Quick Start Guide, click either link to download.